Custom Intuitive Energy Reading and Artwork
The following form allows you to fully customize the type of reading you would like to recieve and provides me more details about the specific systems and supplies you'd like used in your reading. If you would prefer to have a cold reading (provide no information or supply choices) please feel free to opt out of completing the form.

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Please choose what type of artwork service you would like to recieve during your reading.

• "Energy artwork" is a visualization and artistic interpretation of your energy.

• "Sigil Artwork" is a purposeful type of art magick in which you share a desire and I design and paint a sigil (a personal symbol) that represents your desire.

• "Astrological Artwork" is where I connect with your energy centered specifically around your astrological connections, and create artwork that has astrological symbolism hidden or displayed throughout the artwork.

• "Dream Artwork" is similar to the "Sigil Artwork" in that you describe your desire or your ideal environment or object and I will paint it and imagine it and imbue it with energies of manifestation and intent.

Please Choose the type of Energy Work you'd like to receive during your reading.

• "Connect and Clear" is where I connect with your energy and during the visualization process I help center your energy and release any blockages.

• "Chakra Assessment" is similar to "Connect and Clear" except I more intentionally address all the chakras rather than the energy centers that are asking for the most attention.

• "Astrological Connections" is where address the elemental connections of your astrological chart to connections in your energy and help you conceptualize the best way to approach your energy and ambitions moving forward.

Please choose the following types of divinatory system you would like used in your reading.

If you'd prefer no divination, please leave empty. If you'd prefer to not to be aware of which type of divination was used until the reading, please select "surpise me".

Please Choose from the following colour choices:

White, Off-White, Beige-Pink, Light Pink, Bright Pink, Light Blue, Bright Blue, Sea Green, Dark Green, Grey, Black, Dark Brown, Kraft Bown. If you do not choose a colour, I will decide intuitively.

Please Choose from the following paper size choices: