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General Energy Readings

First, let’s start with a general understanding of how energy readings work.

Mystical readings of any sort, rely upon the idea that there is information within or surrounding the querent (person coming for the reading) that they are not yet attuned to.

Spiritual guidance is always being offered to us as humans in this time-space reality but we are not always aware of it and we’re not always receptive to the answers we are seeking.

Sometimes we get so focused on a particular problem or situation that we continue to offer the thoughts and frequencies of the problems rather than become more attuned or open to the solutions that are always available to us. 

What does a general reading entail?

General energy readings are as unique as the individuals completing the readings but usually energy readings involve some form of connecting with the querent’s personal situation and current emotional and energetic presence.

A variety of tools can be used by a reader including divination, astrology, human design, energy work, mediumship, as well as psychological and behavioral concepts.

Services provided by humans seeking to help facilitate an individual’s awareness and internal guidance systems, go by many names including coaches, intuitives, mediums, psychics, mentors, etc. 

My Personal Approach

I like to imagine that my hands have magnets in them that are activated by my intention, and I imagine that those magnets are drawn only to what is meant to be known or expressed to the reader.

My approach to readings is fluid. I make sure I clear and ground my energy and then follow my intuition to lead me to the right tools, the right symbols, and the right message for the questioner.

I like to imagine that my hands have magnets in them that are activated by my intention, and I imagine that those magnets are drawn only to what is meant to be known or expressed to the reader.

Some people describe it as similar to tingles in your hands, or in your solar plexus chakra, but I just feel it as a pull towards certain tools that will best communicate or symbolize what it is that needs to be known to the reader or querent. 

I believe that my process involves recognizing where someone believes themselves to be energetically and then moving them towards how their inner being feels about them (which is always from a place of unconditional love).

I like to think of the process as not really involving my personal identity and what I as a human with a personality feels about anything, but rather, just as a singular point of perception that can translate ideas or symbols into something meaningful for someone else.

The best way to reiterate the way in which I approach my art readings is to view myself as a human meat straw. I like to feel like I am an empty processing tube that captures translates, and shares connections from Source/Spirit, to that of the querent or the reader.

Why would someone want a reading?

Someone might be drawn to get a reading by me if they wanted to reconnect with their inner knowing. Someone might be drawn to getting a reading if they wanted to get a visual representation of a situation, energy, or emotion. 

If you want some connection, some unconditional love and guidance, and/or a piece of art that you can hold on to that represents a time or place of growth, you might want a reading from me. 

Before a reading . . .

1. The client selects the details of the reading.

Prior to our scheduled appointment, the client can pick all the details of their reading, or choose to allow me to pick for them. This includes choice of paper color, color schemes, types of divination used, and any other details the querent is looking to share or request.

2. I ground, cleanse, center, and focus.

Before the reading occurs, I make sure that I am as grounded and centered as possible before moving into a space to receive the energy of another, or the receive the messages for another.

3. I paint, draw, and express a visualization.

Once I am fully present and in the receptive mode, I tap into the energy of the clients, and I allow myself to move into an artistic flow state where  I pick colors that feel representative of the client’s particular life perspective or energetic offering.

After I have explored and interpreted the energy of the client, I will have created multiple paintings or products.  I will usually choose one or two art pieces that feel most representative of whatever the client has going on energetically.

4. I divine using various divination methods.

The next step in the process is to tap into Spirit and receive any insights or images that help me better understand what it is their non-physical guides are looking to communicate to them.

Depending on what comes through or what divination methods are chosen or preferred, I will use a variety or combination of divinatory methods to get a more thorough or overall picture of what is happening with the energy and where Spirit is seeking for it to go.

To learn more details about the divinatory tools I use in my readings, you can check out my next blog post that describes all the decks and resources I have access to for my readings.

All of this connecting occurs before the scheduled meeting where I share with you the things I’ve connected to as well as the visualizations that I’ve encountered throughout the process. During the reading, if you have a specific question, I can address that and suggest a variety of strategies and directions that may serve you and your highest good. Each reading is unique to each person and will be tailored to their unique concerns and desires.

During a reading . . .

1. We meet via Zoom or in person.

We meet at a scheduled date and time. I usually suggest that we both sit down with a nice cup of tea and a journal to write down anything that can be used in our continuous process of self growth. 

2. I connect to your energy and spirit guides.

Once we are set up, I will re-connect into your energy and Spirit team. 

3. I share my artisitc vizualizations. 

After tuning into the energy of the person, and their art, I start to share how my art reflects their current energy and how it felt to visualize their current point of attraction. 

4. We exchange insights, symbols, and patterns. 

After I share my insights and connections, I have the person I am reading for, validate or clarify their reception of what I picked up on. This is an exchange of information that can be used to help move forward and begin to feel more in harmony with our life’s purposes and patterns. 

After a reading . . .

1. I release the energy.

After I’ve completed the reading, I return to the mundane world and re-ground myself into my own time-space reality.

2. I send a summary.

Within 24 hours of the meeting time, I will send a session summary, with divinatory details, the artistic interpretation as well as additional references for client after-care.

3. I share the art. 

This part is optional but I would love to share your art and any feedback on your experience on my Instagram page. 

How to Book a Reading

If you are interested in scheduling a reading, please click the booking link to access my available appointments. 

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